The origins of Andier

Andier was founded by Michael Durrant in 2003 as an archive for original photographic images. The domain name was registered in November 2003 and the first server was launched.

Andier – the name

The name was crafted through the combination of the phonetic sounds ‘and’ & ‘heir’. The first sound based on the word ‘and’ was used to imply a connection such as Film and Camera. The second sound was based on the word ‘heir’ used to reflect legal entitlement or succession. The spelling of the combination of phonetic sounds was the origin of new word Andier.

‘Out of the camera … and into the fire’™

It was later realized that word andier was an archaic Old-French word discontinued many centuries ago. The closest Middle-English word derived from the Old-French word was andiron. The Old-French word andier refers to the metal support used to cradle the burning wood in a hearth. This historical reference to the Old-French word was the inspiration for Andier’s first tag line ‘Out of the camera … and into the fire’™

From 2003 through 2012 has been used primarily to showcase and assert first use copyright for the sports photography of Kenneth Szeto and Michael Durrant. The photographic works included images from several Ontario short track speed skating competitions, regional ice hockey games, event and team photos. The archives used the Title and tag line Andier – Out of the camera … and into the fire’™

Toronto at night by Michael Durrant ©2012

In 2012 the site’s title was updated to Andier Photography and continued to use the tag line Out of the camera … and into the fire‘™. In 2018 the old photographic archive servers were retired.

The view from the office by Michael Durrant ©2018

Andier, Andier Photography, Andier Photo, ‘Out of the camera … and into the fire’ are all Trademarks of Michael Durrant. All photographic images on this web page are the Copyright of Michael Durrant and are used with permission.